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Infertility + Sterility Advice for Support People

“[I always appreciate] those who say comforting words, who are sorry that we’ve experienced this, and knowing how painful it is or having an idea, or imagining that it’s painful for us, and validating that and the loss. And recognizing the uncertainty of how we feel around being able to have a child, because of our age it’s not like we have unlimited tries.”

“Don’t forget about the nonbio mom. Feed both of them and care for both of them, and I would encourage support people who are close to the parent who is not carrying to find some place and time to speak to them individually because they’re going through their own grief process. They need space to be able to voice what they’re going through independently from their partner.”

“[Tell them] it’s OK to be where you are. [Losing the ability to conceive] is a huge loss, no matter how it happened. I love you. [And you] deserve whatever attention you need, whatever feelings you have about it: Sadness. Anger. Even being grateful. You are where you are with it, and it’s OK.”

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